Out Living It – The Project

The “why” for my trip to Colorado.

First Descents was the spark that relit the fire in my soul, opened my heart to love and community, and brought me back to the self I’d lost touch with long ago.

I will be traveling and having adventures as much as possible, spreading FD love wherever I go and making a donation to FD each time, to help enable someone else to have the experience I did. The money raised is not for research that might give us hope for the future – it will have an immediate, direct impact upon young adults living with cancer or MS. Please join me in this quest to Out Live It!

You can keep up to date on my adventures via Facebook, WordPress, and Instagram. I’ll also be sharing some more of my backstory and what led me to this point.

For now, here are some great links and videos to learn more about what First Descents believes in and provides, and some pictures from the first official my adventure in Colorado.

We Are First Descents

CNN Heroes – Brad Ludden of First Descents

FD Pilot Program for MS

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